Oct 18, 2014

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Software Development Typically Works For Many Operating Systems and Formats

Software Development Typically Works For Many Operating Systems and Formats

Not every person is going to use the same type of operating system or access format when using a software program. Some people might use specific Windows operating systems ranging from Windows 8 to Windows XP. Others might stick with Mac OS X formats that date back by a few years. People also have to take a look at open source operating systems like the Linux system.

There’s also the need to think about mobile platforms like the Android and iOS options. Not all people will have access to the latest versions of these operating systems. Some people may not have access to the newest web browsers either.

All software developers will have to prepare their programs with an extensive variety of different operating system and formats in mind. This is for many reasons:

  • It’s key to ensure that a system can work with many options in order to increase the potential audience for a program.
  • Programs can be tested to determine if they can work with certain systems before a program is released. If a program comes out without being tested on certain systems then it might be inconvenient to those who might want to use it in a certain format but cannot actually do so.
  • It can even work as a means of testing a program to see if there are any bugs or errors on the program that need to be fixed before it is released to the public.
  • If a program is designed with universality in mind then there is no guarantee that every single aspect of a program will work as needed. For instance, while Javascript many be used to control many features within an online software program, there is always the risk that the features will not work on certain operating systems.

What Can You Do For Development Needs?

OS01It will not be too hard for you to develop a quality program if you understand what you have to do in order to give your program that look that you know will fit in just fine. Here’s a few things that can be done:

  • Individual teams may be tasked with the intention of preparing different versions of a program for various operating systems. This is critical as the codes for Windows and OS X systems might be different from one another.
  • A dedicated mobile programming team might be required as well. This is for the development of a program that can work on as many mobile devices as needed.
  • You can even ask for beta testers to come in and try out your program on their own operating systems. If you ask for as many people as possible with access to an extensive variety of operating systems and web browsers then you might get an unlimited amount of help in the development process as needed. You can even offer promo codes for your program if you have such promo codes to work with at any given time.

If you are going to create your own software program then you need to make sure it’s tested on as many operating system and formats as possible. The key is to ensure it works right and without problems on as many setups as possible.

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Oct 5, 2014

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Beta Testing Has Its Pros and Cons

Beta Testing Has Its Pros and Cons

Beta testing is one of the most popular things that can be done when it comes to getting a website prepared in some way. Beta testing entails the use of outside participants trying out base versions of your software programs. It can work wonders but you need to take a careful look at what can happen when getting beta testing plans in check.


Beta testing will let you give your program out to people who sign up for it. This will come after the alpha testing process. After you and other programmers in your software development firm prepare the program, you will allow people from outside to sign up to take a look at different things in your site.

There are many great features of beta testing that you can utilize:

  • You can get as many beta testers to help you out as needed. You can get them to work with as many of them as needed so it will be rather easy to get lots of feedback or opinions about your programs.
  • Beta testers can include people who will want to use a variety of aspects of your program. In some cases they might find problems that you never caught up with the first time around.
  • Any customer service features or online support systems for a program may be tested before the program is released to the public.
  • It can even create some hype for a program by allowing only a select number of people to try it out before it comes out tot he public.
  • You don’t have to spend anything or give out free promo codes to beta testers if you don’t feel like it but it never hurts to think about such promo codes if you are generous or can afford it. Still, the use of such codes will be totally optional for you to utilize when finding people who can help you out with all sorts of fine testing functions.


beta_testing02As great as beta testing can be at times, there are often cases where you might struggle with some problems relating to beta testing:

  • Sometimes the problems in a program may not manifest themselves until well after the program is released to the public.
  • Not all people who can get into a beta testing program will end up understanding the many features that can come with a program.
  • There is no guarantee that every single beta tester will have the time to actually try out different types of features in your program.

You have to make sure you’ll get a quality amount of support when you’re trying to get a beta testing process up and running. It’s a great part of software development that you give you a good second opinion about your program and then some. Just make sure you’ve got a beta testing plan that you know will be easy for you to trust in so it will not be all that hard for you to work with when you’re trying to make it all set up the right way.

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